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5 reasons to invest.

Why to in invest in EcoClipper. IT’s about the profit, concept, market, routing, and business model.

Innovating the clipper ship design.

EcoClipper, Really it is the culmination of thousands of years of zero-emission shipping experience brought to perfection. But….

Financing the future of shipping..

From the beginning of EcoClipper we realized that the financing of these EcoClipper ships ought to be organized for a large part, through the commitment of private investors.

EcoClipper; Why Now?

There are manu reasons to start a sailing cargo company. Captain Jorne Langelaan tells you about why he decided to start EcoClipper.

Introducing EcoClipper

To make this mission a practical reality we needed to start with visualising a framework of company values. You see them presented here..

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The Practice of Sail-Training

The Practice of Sail-Training

We can see the usefulness of the sailing ship in regards to learning seamanship, self-reliance and teamwork. The popularity of these ships and their historical importance is undisputed. The lessons learned from thousands of years of maritime history are passed down from one crew to the next.

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