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To: EcoClipper B.V.
Fnidsen 48

Dear Mr Langelaan,

This Letter of Intent aims to create a non-binding partnership and intent to work with EcoClipper in the future.

We, [Company] , recognise the rising trend and necessity to transport cargo in a sustainable and emission free way.

As such, we would like to cooperate with EcoClipper to find ways of serving our customers with sustainable transport solutions and strengthening the mutual stories of our companies.

We are aware the future vision of EcoClipper is to launch three emission free shipping lines: Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific and Global. Our cooperation can include, and is not limited to;

1) Operational Partnership.
We intend to ship cargo and/or passengers as soon as the EcoClipper routes become operational.

2) Partnership in Communication.
Sharing updates on partnership developments such as through press releases. Using each other’s company logos for marketing purposes on websites, newsletters etc, Using social media to grow our networks.

The details of cooperating with EcoClipper to ship our products will be finalised when the ships are active. Until that time, we continue to support the business through the above .

Yours sincerely,

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