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EcoClipper’s current cargo target group are businesses, most of which are small to medium sized companies with a link to sustainability, ecological produce or fair trade. These businesses are of particular interest, as they are the fastest growing segment in the United States and Europe and resemble a substantial economic power.


As the operation of the shipping lines starts, EcoClipper expects a surge in demand from business clients, such as importers, exporters, foremost from mid- to high- income countries. As our shipping lines become more established, and climate impacts become more visible, the expectation is that companies from other sectors and low- income countries will enter the customer base.

In 2017, the international shipping industry was worth over 500 billion US Dollars (Source: Bloomberg, 2017). According to a 2017 market trend report of Lloyds Register, it is expected to see strong growth for the maritime sector in the years up to 2030, as seaborne trade increases from 9 billion tonnes annually to between 19-24 billion tonnes. Which represents a tremendous increase in demand for ocean freight in the next ten years.


Yet, according to the goals of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a reduction in total emissions from international shipping should be realised. This to an extent that emissions, should peak as soon as possible. Annual emissions should be reduced by at least 50% by 2050 compared to 2008, while, at the same time, pursuing efforts towards a total emission free shipping sector. In our opinion this can only be reached by a return of sail power.

EcoClipper will pursue a strategy of story-based marketing, focusing on a strong presence in social and new media, but also exposure in standard media. This strategy will be carried out in several stages: first launch of website, followed by approaching trendsetting businesses in the market, for letters of intent to build strategic partnerships. Second building presence in all media channels. Third, organizing cargo owner focussed events in strategic ports on the routes to be served, and continuing a strong communication appearance through our ambassadors and crew.



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