Sail Along

From London to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, London

From: London

6 aug 2023

To: London

4 sept 2023

30 days at sea / in port.

€ 2950

The Ship

De Tukker was built in 1912 has sailed many seamiles as cargo ship and passenger vessel.

These days De Tukker can carry up to 70 cubic meters, or the equivalent of 50-70 tonnes, of cargo. And has basic accommodation for up to 12 travellers and 5 crew. 

The Voyage

Embarking on a sailing travel trip from London to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and back aboard De Tukker promises an immersive and educational experience. This voyage offers the opportunity to sail from one destination to another, participate in loading and unloading cargo, work alongside the skilled crew, and gain valuable insights into the art of sailing and navigation.

Setting sail from London, you bid farewell to the bustling cityscape and embrace the serenity of the open sea. The crew of De Tukker welcomes you aboard, and as you become part of the team, you are given the chance to actively contribute to the daily operations of the vessel.

Working together with the crew, you engage in loading and unloading cargo at various ports along the journey. This hands-on experience gives you a deeper understanding of the logistics involved in transporting goods by sea and the importance of efficient teamwork in this process.

As you sail towards Edinburgh, the stunning landscapes of Scotland unfold before your eyes. Majestic cliffs, rugged coastlines, and picturesque islands create a captivating backdrop. The crew shares their knowledge of sailing techniques, teaching you the ropes and providing guidance on navigating through the unpredictable waters.

Upon reaching Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, you immerse yourself in the city’s rich maritime history. Explore its charming canals, visit maritime museums, and witness the bustling activity of the port. The diverse cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam offer a unique and enriching experience.

Sailing Schedule
On the return journey to London, you reflect on the invaluable skills and experiences gained throughout the trip. Learning to sail, navigating the seas, and collaborating with the crew have given you a newfound appreciation for the art of sailing and the challenges faced by those who traverse the waters.

As you approach the final leg of the voyage, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. The memories of working alongside the crew, the sights witnessed along the journey, and the knowledge acquired will forever remain with you, shaping your understanding of the maritime world.

Sailing aboard De Tukker on this travel trip from London to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and back is not only an adventure but also an educational journey. It offers a unique opportunity to actively participate in the workings of a sailing vessel, gain practical skills, and deepen your appreciation for the rich maritime traditions that connect coastal communities.

Booking code for this voyage: LON-LON

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