5 minutes with… Jorne Langelaan, Founder and Captain of EcoClippper
Published: 1st April 2021
Author: Hannah Hurford

 In the first of new series ‘5 minutes with…’ our crewmate, Famke, spoke with Jorne to find out more about the EcoClipper and why wind power could again be the future of shipping…

First things first- how did Jorne get inspired to ship cargo more sustainably?

“After ‘sailing’ on motor cargo vessels for a few years, in the 90’s, I found my true calling on the sail cargo vessel Avontuur. Back in those days this vessel was still commanded by the famous Capt. Paul Wahlen, while operated in the inter-island trade in the Caribbean. This master mariner taught me about many aspects of the environmental pressure caused by shipping. Later on, I sailed as chief officer on the Bark EUROPA while engaged in expeditions to Antarctica. Here I heard first-hand and saw with my own eyes the effects of climate chaos.”

When he finished Enkhuizen Nautical College in the Netherlands, Jorne sailed in all ranks, from ships-boy to eventually Ship’s Captain on many different types of ships, but mainly sailing vessels. 

More at: https://cleansailors.com/blogs/notes-on-the-ocean/5-minutes-with-cpt-jorne-langelaan-ecoclippper

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