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We are a company of sailors


Emission free transport and travel by sailing ship.


We offer investment opportunities in our emission free sail cargo ships. By establishing a network of sustainable shipping lines around the world, we will create opportunities for a wealthy future, for yourself, for generations to come and the environment.

So why invest now? Capt. Jorne writes about it on our blog



We’re using first-hand experience in the sail cargo and passenger business, to design the most practical prototype sailing cargo ships. While operating these ships, we will be constantly analysing their performance, to be able to come up with new and valuable innovations.

Learn more about the design of the ship.


We have a dedicated team to oversee all aspects of ship management for the future fleet of EcoClipper’s. Our commercial department will establish, oversee and carry out the sales strategy and voyage planning.

To effectively operate sail cargo ships, we will depend on the finest crews, which is why we place the greatest possible emphasis on selecting, training and retraining the best sailors.

Using a combination of in-house technical management and third-party managers, our engineering specialists ensure the good condition of the vessels and compliance with the international rules, while directing the progress of our fleet building program.

EcoClipper has been chosen for the Best Transportation category of the BEST OF GREEN AWARDS 2021 by Treehugger and Tripsavvy!

Zero emission transport and travel

It is our intent to combine the role of a sail training vessel with a commercial cargo ship, which would be capable of carrying cargo, instructing trainees and carry passengers.

The crew

In adittion to having great interest and enthusiasm for sail cargo and EcoClipper, our international team combines top maritime expertise and decades of experience in business developement and sound management expertise.

Office team

-working from home at the moment- 


Founder & Captain

We are creating a modern day logistics system, which takes the natural world into account and makes use of timeless traditions that have evolved over centuries.

Dirk klaassen

Financial management

We believe that the best way to transport goods or travel over long distances is by way of the large
wind powered sailing vessel.

Elise Kossen

Design & PR

Together we strive to be the most sustainable transport company in all different aspects and processes of the organisation.

Hannah Hurford

Communications & Marketing

I am excited to be part of the EcoClipper team and to actively encourage change in shipping, travel and the way we live

Rishika Banerjee

Communications & Marketing

The current climatic and global economic scenario asks for sustainability, clean technology and usage of renewable energy. EcoClipper does it all! I am excited to share our values and goals and give back to society!”

Marijose Marcos

Communications & Marketing

I hope and believe Ecoclipper will be one of the first companies to revolutionise emission-free shipping, being a strong differentiator in the shipping industry. I want Ecoclipper to be recognised for its company values and amazing people behind it.

Technical team


Andrew Simons


The ways they are a changing and EcoClipper is delivering that change, with real engagement, participation and proven, elegant solutions. What a privilege to be a part of it!

Francisco Oliveira

Naval Architect

Verry happy to join this team and to continue developing my skills in sailing and design in such a meaningful way, ready for the upcoming events in this newly changed world!

Bart Boosman

Engineer & Sailor

Paul deNoble

Rigging specialist

João Falcão Neves

Naval Architect

Sebastian Martin

Naval Architect

Filipe Belga

Naval Architect

Judith van Assem

Galley specialist

Advisors & Ambassadors 

Matthieu Borsboom


We are connecting the world’s continents and local economies with a mode of transport that is ethical, sustainable and profitable.

Rene Jacobs


I have joined the EcoClipper team because I believe in the absolute necessity to change, at any times but now more than ever, and I’m confident the EcoClipper will make its contribution to a better and healthier planet.

Martijn Dekker


More and more companies are evaluating their business processes in order to take responsibility for the environment. This situation provides the perfect growth market for EcoClipper. Which is why now is the perfect time to launch.

Harry Muter


We believe that these sailing vessels ought to be rigged with established traditional sailing rigs. As in circumstances of high stress, simplicity has proved stronger and more effective than complex and
high-tech systems.

Marijke de Jong


We believe in creating one multi-purpose design of a prototype ship, to be developed and tested in detail. Which then can be tweaked and adjusted to be fit for different markets and trading areas.

Matthew Bonvento


The sea is as vast as the human spirit, from calm to turbulent like our emotions, and still widely uncharted and open for exploration. The sailor represents all of our hopes and dreams upon the vast expanse of water, which is our spirit.

Peter Jonas


We will built well designed, beautiful and handy sailing cargo ships. As building material, steel is our material of choice, this way we combine a maximum of strength with a minimum of maintenance.

Andreas Lackner

Captain & Ambassador

As part of striving for maximum sustainability, we believe in building pure sailing vessels without mechanical propulsion. To ensure safe operation we keep up the highest standards of seamanship.

Aysegul Riemens


We firmly believe that we express our potential through our cooperation with others. Through our relationships we can influence the world, leading to solutions which are greater than those an individual may perceive.

Lenno Visser


What a ride!!! Soon we’ll have to get used again to standing outside in the rain, big heavy sails with no winch in sight, wood and plenty of tar. But for now, we ought to get ready for building.

Cleem Doedens


 Being involved in the next step in engineless cargo sailing is exiting, inspiring and enriching. Happy to be on board!

Portrait picture EcoClipper Crew

Valentin Zumbusch

Ambassador / Marketing

Charlie Barker


Bill Carslake


I am honoured to be connected to this brave company and the power of the wind!

Steven Woods


Sail Freight likely has the highest potential
for changing the world for the better among the historic technologies
EcoClipper is planning to launch the largest sail
freight vessels currently and shows the most ambition in making the
reach for a better world.

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