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Option I

Spread our story

Support us by spreading the word about EcoClipper and sustainable sail-cargo and travel by sharing our story with the world.


Option II

Write to us

To help us speed up the process funding the first ship you can write a letter of intent


* Move Cargo without emissions

* Show your interest to support us during the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. To back us with a loan or share in the ship.

* Sail along as passenger or trainee.

Intent to Sail Along

    This Letter of Intent aims to create a non-binding intent to sail along with EcoClipper in the future.

    I would like to support and make use of the EcoClipper ships. This, I would like to do this by joining as a passenger or trainee in the future.

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    Option III

    Investing in the future

    Investing in the ship(s)

    We have just successfully finished the first round of investment and are planning for another round which will finance the first ship.

    Fill in the form below and we will inform you as soon as we’re starting the next investment round.

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