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Sailing into a sustainable future.

Sustainable Shipping

EcoClipper500 prototype

Sail Cargo

You are able to book a space for your cargo on an EcoClipper vessel. What does this mean? Your products are transported by a sailing ship. Rather than cutting corners with unproven transportation methods, EcoClipper harnesses the wind using sails. By shipping with EcoClipper, you and your company are part of a story which truly focuses on the planet and people in an innovative way.

Why use sailing ships?


Carbon neutral

Sailing vessels are designed to be sailed. Any emissions that are used are offsetted by this low-impact use of the renewable energies.

Underwater silence

Underwater life is not disturbed by sailing ships.

Clean air

No harmful gasses are released into the air.

Safe cargo

The cargo is stored in the hold – No containers falling into the sea! Sailing ships have large holds in which cargo is stowed safely and securely.

Clean oceans

Nothing is dumped into the water that cannot biodegrade.


The ships log is shared with you so you can see what life is like on-board, headings and weather.


The ships are easily tracked, so you can see when your shipment is coming in.


Transport is no longer a price on a screen but a physical shape that encourages conversations about sustainability.

Trading Areas

Current and future shipping lines.


Global Line

North Atlantic

North Pacific

Eastern Line

A different port of call?

How does it work?

The perfect opportunity to embark on a sustainable journey.


Ship sets schedule of voyages and makes it public. Ship and Brokers make arrangements for cargo and passengers who want to make these trips emission-free.


New cargo and passengers arrive at port as the ship is due for arrival.
Ship arrives, passengers disembark and inbound cargo unloaded.


Outbound cargo is loaded by the crew. Sail cargo ships do not take shipping containers but pallets, barrels, sacks, etc..


New passengers embark and ships sets sail. Thus cargo are travellers are distributed around the world in a mindful and emission free way.

“ We are very aware that the way we transport our pepper now doesn’t fit into our philosophy… Until now there is no other option but to transport it by motor vessel or worse, by plane. We are really trying to close our circle so that we are completely sustainable and transparent.”

Sebastian Brimmers , co-founder Hennes Finest

“We don’t need one solution to everything, we need a thousand solutions that can exist simultaneously.”

Alexandra Geldenhuys, New Dawn Traders

"The ways they are a changing and EcoClipper is delivering that change, with real engagement, participation and proven, elegant solutions"

Andrew Simons, Saillink


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    EcoClipper: A Journey into the Wind

    EcoClipper: A Journey into the Wind

    The sail cargo and passenger industry has been growing as sustainable brokers and sail cargo companies have thrown their hats into the limitless wind, and in 2018 Jorne Langelaan started EcoClipper with a vision.


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