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ECOCLIPPER – Trasporti ad Emissioni Zero

La compagnia EcoClipper è impegnata nella ricerca e sviluppo di soluzioni di trasporto che utilizzino la forza rinnovabile del vento come offerta alternativa alle navi con propulsione alimentata a combustibili fossili.

Sustainable Shipping. EcoClipper and U&i Global.

What is the future of sustainable shipping? An industry that emits as much pollution as an entire industrialized country like Germany must decarbonise if we are to limit the effects of climate change.

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Press Release: Wind transport ready for the next step! 

Press Release: Wind transport ready for the next step! 

Today the sailing freighter “De Tukker” returned from her maiden voyage.This journey started a few weeks ago in Amsterdam and took her through various European ports to Portugal and back to the Netherlands. Along the way, a mixed load was transported in a sustainable manner. The ship is propelled by sails and can therefore sail emission-free, even over long distances.

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