Counting more than 30,000 euro’s since the start of the spring campaign.
Published: 11th March 2023
Image: EcoClipper De Tukker
Author: Jorne Langelaan

After more than two weeks of campaigning for the “EcoClipper 2023 spring campaign”, we have so far raised exactly € 33,637.50 with a total of 29 investors. A very big thank you!

With this money it is possible that we, with a team of 12 crew members, are working to get De Tukker ready to sail before the end of April. 

The bilge system, derricks and safety equipment are being installed. Hard work is being done on the interior of the galley, cabins and the forecastle. Supplies, rigging and equipment are purchased and brought on board. And the ship is inspected according to international safety requirements.

However, the campaign is not over yet! At the moment we have 187 members in the EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A., we want to increase that to 250 members this spring.

We are working towards a number of milestones:

  • Tomorrow, Wednesday 8 February, the inclination test will take place to check the stability after renovation of De Tukker.
  • Friday March 17, in Den Helder, we will organize the second “EcoClipper Investor Event”.  There will be a presentation with information about investing in EcoClipper. And De Tukker, our first ship, will be open to the public. There is still room, so if you want to come, please respond to this email with the number of people you would like to attend.
  • One or more trial runs will take place at the beginning of April.
  • Mid-April De Tukker will be sailing from Den Helder to Amsterdam.
  • Saturday 22 April will be the departure for the real “maiden voyage”, from Amsterdam to Penzance, England.

In order to further finish the ship and reach these milestones, we want to raise at least another € 18,000. If more funds are raised, this will benefit the start-up of the operation, the payment of the ship’s mortgage, and the further development of the EcoClipper vision.

Let us continue to work together to accomplish a sustainable transition in logistics. You can join now by investing via the website link: Or forward this email to friends and family who also want a sustainable future.

Thanks again and fair winds,

Jorne Langelaan

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