De Tukker Update 11th July 2022
Published: 11th July 2022
Image: Gabriella

An update from Gabriella, part of the refit crew!

These pictures are of the final step of the degreasing process in the cargo hold. After three weeks of scraping and needle-gunning the majority of the grease off we applied a degreaser, scrubbed, and pressure washed the remaining film of grease from the steel.

The cargo hold was most recently used as the galley and salon for the vessel. The inside of the hull was hidden behind the interior construction and protected with thick grease. Now, in the cargo hold, there will be no interior covering the inside of the plating and we do not want greasy cargo! We will protect the steel with paint instead. Before painting we had to remove all trace of grease so ensure proper adhesion.

It was a fun and wet day!

All images from Gabriella.

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