Published: 1st August 2019

We are determined to make three different kinds of profit at EcoClipper: social, environmental and financial; this way we will create a positive impact on all involved.


There are more than 7.5 billion people on our blue planet. Meanwhile companies strive to automate their processes and reduce employee numbers. The result is a wider gap between rich and poor, and more inequality. EcoClipper chooses the opposite direction and strives to create meaningful jobs. We will do this by introducing more traditional sailing ships with low-tech ways of operation. Every launched EcoClipper creates fulfilling, high-quality jobs in the crew, an expanding construction team, and many more jobs indirectly.


The maritime industry causes more greenhouse gas emissions than a country like Germany. Ocean-going ships emit 1.2─1.6 million metric tonnes of particulate matter, responsible for major health problems. Underwater noise levels caused by motor ships are threatening our marine ecosystems and have doubled every decade over the past 60 years. EcoClipper ships will use the power of the wind, sun and water to move silently where possible.


Following the strategy and timelines in our business plan, we expect a fair dividend and share value for our cooperative members. In time the value of the investment will rise substantially.

In conclusion the profitability and impact of EcoClipper will be substantial. It will become the world’s major developer of sustainable shipping concepts, marrying world-class, low-tech technology and the swift growth in demand for sustainable shipping solutions.
Discount 20%

Discount 20%

As we celebrate our first season of sailing, we are excited to offer a special discount of 20% on select upcoming voyages. This is your chance to explore the world in a way that is both adventurous and responsible.

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