Radio silence, monster waves and cold coffee. .
Published: 10th June 2023
Image: @hattyfrancesbel
Author: ecoclipper

So much has happened with our vessel De Tukker, that it feels like you’ve been kept totally in the dark about her adventures. This email breaks the radio silence.

After loading in Leixoes (Porto) it was still a bit of a wait for the right weather, it never came though…

The wind was blowing hard from the northeast exactly from the direction we needed to go.

In the end we decided to set sail anyway. A long tack out into the ocean to find veering winds. Wow, what a journey. Later I heard from the crew about: “7 meter waves, the challenge of putting the leeboard deep enough and green water crashing over the deck and hatches.”

Finally, they arrived in the safe harbor of Saint Nazaire, on the other side of the Bay of Biscay. Crew and ship have proven themselves. And although, at some moments the coffee was cold, the cargo is in good shape.

Now we’re back in smooth waters, we have also planned the rest of the sailing schedule for 2023.

Do you want to taste the salt on your lips? Do you long for the horizon and the experience of real adventure on board a sailing cargo vessel? Then it is time to sign on at !

Fair winds,
Jorne Langelaan

P.S. De Tukker is a sailing cargo vessel. She is really using the wind for propulsion. Transporting the cargo sustainably from A to B is her main goal. This means that the dates of the trips are a guideline, but the weather and the cargo are decisive.

P.P.S. EcoClipper works on building a fleet of sailing cargo vessels to connect the continents. Are you unable to sign on yet, but do you want to travel sustainably in the future, or do you want to participate and benefit from this transport revolution? Then become a member now and invest here: in the EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A.

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