Working in the Rigging.
Published: 5th October 2022
Image: Rigging De Tukker
Author: Jorne Langelaan

In recent months most of the work has been done in the field of demolition, cleaning, steelwork, derusting, painting, carpentry, the engine room and other things that are closely related to the hull. However, what makes De Tukker a real sailing ship is the rig.

From the very beginning, the rigger Chad, who has rigged many sailing cargo ships over the past 5 years, was involved in the rigging of our ship. Together with a team of refit crew, he ensured that all sails, spars, wooden blocks and rigging were checked again and maintained where necessary.

This was done with great care with regard to safety. Initially, the bowsprit was therefore rightly rejected by Hinco Veenstra of Limdal Surveyors. Some repairs also had to be carried out on the other spars.

Fortunately, we found Derk van Dieren ready to make a beautiful new bowsprit and carry out the necessary repairs.

Now that we are approaching the moment when the hull is almost in perfect condition again, it is also time to get the rig ready to put it on again. Coincidentally, Chad had just returned from a voyage as an officer, with the schooner brig Tres Hombres, and was ready to help our refit crew get the standing rig, fittings and blocks back in place.

Thank you and fair winds,
Jorne Langelaan

Rigging Tukker September 2022
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