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Sail cargo enterprises all over the world have shown the viability of sail cargo in small numbers, carrying highly valued cargo. EcoClipper presents an ambitious logistics system which will serve global shipping lines. EcoClipper vessels range from retrofit projects to new, purpose-built ships. The rigs and design differ depending on their respective shipping lines.

Retrofit projects

In 2023, EcoClipper experienced the retrofiting of existing vessels into sailing cargo ships, bringing more ships to the sail cargo cause. Sail cargo ship “De Tukker” was the first vessel that EcoClipper retrofitted. The vessel retrofit was completed in 2023 and was sold the same year.


EcoClipper500 prototype


EcoClipper is in the final phase of planning for a new prototype design: the ‘EcoClipper500’. This will be the first of a series of ships which will carry up to 36 trainees, 12 passengers and 500 tonnes of cargo across the globe. The team has been working on innovative technologies and specifications that advance the sustainability, construction and use of a wind-driven, sailing ship.


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