3 reasons to sail without engine
By: Jorne Langelaan
30th January 2020
There are several large advantages of; not installing an engine in a sailing vessel, which is the reason for EcoClipper to follow this course.

1. Sustainability

With our small-scale ships, as soon as we start the engine for propulsion, even for a short distance, we lose in sustainability from the large cargo ships.

This is because these ships have a relatively huge efficiency in the emissions for each cargo/mile unit.

After all, economy of scale can hugely enlarge sustainability.

3. Moral

Finally, sailing a true sailing ship will connect her crew with the natural elements, more effectively than any other propulsion method can acquire.

There is a reason that back in the days, seamen would say, about sailors who would switch from sail to steam: he left the sea and went into steam”.

3. Economy

Installing an engine room with all the systems and regulations which come with it, is a huge investment.

The costs of operation due to fuel, lubrication, maintenance and crew, will become way more, than without it.

Installing an engine really means: to have two separate systems, sail and engine, to manage and pay for.

Captain Jorne Langelaan

Founder and CEO of EcoClipper

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