Innovating the clipper ship design.

by | Jan 22, 2019

In our first small steps in introducing EcoClipper to the world, the question was often asked: is it innovative?

In the beginning I needed to think twice before answering this question. Because the EcoClipper is not a concept with artificial intelligence, or a push on the button solves it all, or not even a concept with a new and thrilling social media application…

Really it is the culmination of thousands of years of zero-emission shipping experience brought to perfection.

Which was only abandoned because steam was invented, and man did not yet realize the devastating effects of burning fossil fuels. But now I have realized the true meaning of innovation, I can answer a very sure and true YES!

Let us first have a look into the meaning of innovation. It is something like: an invention which can be practically used to radically alter, in a positive way, a situation, industry, environment or social circumstance. Although the invention of the clipper ship was already done, in thousands of steps of experience and try outs, it does not forbid us to innovate further on this winning concept. This is exactly what the EcoClipper is about.

As mentioned, some existing features and innovations on the clipper ship where already invented. Her hull shape has been taken from an existing design and is well proven in the run between Europe and East Asia. No other work of man ‘s hands can compete against the full-rigged ship in artistic beauty. She was ever a delight to the eye, not only to the seaman but of the landsman as well. Also her great advantage of being emission free is not a new invention.

To finalize: in it self it is an innovation to be bold and daring enough to take an existing invention, which worked very effective, and re-introduce it in the current economy. Apart from that with the EcoClipper there are many innovations which are brand new, and never used in this environment before. There is the extra large bracing angle, for better windward performance. The multi purpose tweendeck, with the choice for carrying cargo or having accommodation. And finally the zero-emission marine accommodation, due to a combination of alternative energy sources, insulation, LED lights and natural ventilation.

The EcoClipper, a concept for innovating further on the clipper ship design.

Thanks for signing on,

Following seas and royals all the way!

Jorne Langelaan

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