Newsletter: May 2020
Published: 28th May 2020
Author: Jorne Langelaan

Dear Friends, Partners, Ambassadors and Advisors,
With this newsletter you are invited to read and spread around, what might be the first ever, combined market report about the sail cargo and sail passenger industry. You will read the insights, about how the popularity of the sail cargo market has grown exponentially during the past ten years.

It would not be possible to say nothing about Corona in these times. So, about this, in relation to sail cargo, you will find an update.

In the meantime, at EcoClipper we see it as our task, now more than ever, to finalize the design and business plan of a prototype sail cargo ship. Ships larger than current sail cargo vessels, sustainable, and reaching all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Also, you will find some photos of the progress of the EcoClipper half model.

Furthermore, on behalf of the EcoClipper team I would like to thank all those who contributed to the report, the interviewees, all stakeholders and actors who have been involved in the development of the report, and the authors: Hannah Hurford and Charlie Barker.

As the date of the second investment campaign, scheduled for the end of this year, is approaching the group of EcoClipper ambassadors is growing. To help, please spread the word, link, share, like and follow.

Last but not least, for questions or partnerships, do not hesitate and contact us now.

Fair winds!

Very truly yours,

Capt. Jorne Langelaan

In this Newsletter:

Publication of the first Market report of the sail cargo industry.

Changing tacks” due to Corona.

Further development of EcoClipper500 design.

Work on the half model.

Publication of the first Market report of the sail cargo industry.

This new market overview highlights key results of various aspects of sustainable freight and passenger transport by analysing information through a ‘bottom up’ and ‘top down’ approach. Fleet development, new operational entries and new build trends in sail cargo projects of the past 40 years are also reviewed.

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“Changing tacks” due to Corona.

For a couple of months already, we had occupied a nice office space in Alkmaar.

Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit the Netherlands and rather quickly the public life was moved towards a voluntary lockdown. All of a sudden, we were forced to abandon our new routine of going every day to the office with 5 or 6 team-members of the EcoClipper organization.

It definitely felt like a jump in the deep… or towards the kitchen table.


Further development of EcoClipper500 design.

Now with the forming of a specialist team, the design process has accelerated. Where there had previously been a list of basic ships dimensions there grew a more detailed set of technical specifications.

New innovations such as a bio digester system, alternative energy generation, zero waste management, an extra-large bracing angle and closed ballast system are being added to the design. It becomes clearer that this is not a linear process, but a development moving circular. With every rotation through the circle, the team comes closer to the final design.


Work on the half model.

Leo Boogerd, one of the partners in EcoClipper and builder of the halfmodel, has been processing the bulwark through steam bending. To be followed the keel and bow section.

Market report press release

New Report Shows Rising Awareness of the Climate Crisis Increases Demand for Emission-Free Alternatives in Shipping and Travel.

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Discount 20%

Discount 20%

As we celebrate our first season of sailing, we are excited to offer a special discount of 20% on select upcoming voyages. This is your chance to explore the world in a way that is both adventurous and responsible.

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