PRESS RELEASE: Start public campaign for green shipping
Date:16th February 2023

During the 7th Green Shipping Summit, EcoClipper is launching an innovative share funding campaign.

Everyone can invest in the realisation of circular growth plans of a Dutch emission-free shipping company.

Rotterdam, 16 February 2023. Today, EcoClipper is the first shipping company to launch a share funding campaign at the 7th Green Shipping Summit. The Dutch green shipping company is taking this further to raise capital to put its first circular ship into service this spring. Private and corporate investors can purchase certificates via an innovative investor portal, an initiative of Bondex, a subsidiary of Nxchange.

Captain Jorne Langelaan, founder and director of EcoClipper: “Our vision is to connect the continents with sailing ships through natural transport, for cargo and passengers. With this campaign we give the public the opportunity to join our community in which everyone gets a fair share and share in the success.”

Circular and emission-free growth ambitions

The capital raised will be used for the final investments, to launch EcoClipper’s first circular ship. The company will use further resources to accelerate the repayment of the ship’s mortgage and to finance the initial costs of a subsequent project. Furthermore, talks are underway with various charterers to convert existing motor vessels into sailing freighters. There is also a focus on setting up a trans-Atlantic liner service with new-build ships.

How does it work

Until the first ship comes into service, expected at the end of March, everyone can obtain certificates for € 7.50 each in the EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A.. This can be done on the investor portal van EcoClipper, while supplies last. The company will issue a maximum of € 225,000 in certificates in this tranche. After this, the certificate price will increase. Both the conditions and the minimum entry price can be found on the EcoClipper website.

Over EcoClipper

EcoClipper is a Dutch sustainable shipping company that uses international sailing cargo ships to transport green cargo and passengers. The company wants to bring about a positive transition in logistics with its sailing lines and ship designs: natural transport. The ships are primarily powered by wind power and therefore contribute to clean oceans, good air quality and minimal underwater noise. Moreover, “true pricing” is used.

Over de 7th Green Shipping Summit

Of7th Green Shipping Summit, is organised in the centre of the port of Rotterdam. The aim of this conference is to show stakeholders within the maritime industry the way through innovation to a sustainable and emission-free future. The meeting provides an overview of maritime solutions, including in the field of: fuel alternatives and other applicable sustainable technology.

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For a visit to the ship and the first official meeting of the campaign, come to the “EcoClipper Investor Event” Friday February 17th 2023, from 14.00 CET to 17.00 CET at: Willemsoord 73, Den Helder, Netherlands.

More information about the 7th Green Shipping

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