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Newsletter: May 2020

You are invited to read and spread around, what might be the first ever, combined market report about the sail cargo and sail passenger industry. You will read the insights, about how the popularity of the sail cargo market has grown exponentially during the past ten years.

Zeepost: Zeilend naar een duurzamen toekomst

De nieuwe Nederlandse zeilende vracht en passagiers vaart rederij, EcoClipper, heeft een rapport vrijgegeven dat een beeld schetst van de markt voor zeilende handelsvaart en passagiersvaart....

World News Monitor

Emission-free shipping company EcoClipper have published a report which gives an overview of the growing markets in environmentally sustainable shipping and travel by sailing ship, referred to as sail cargo and sail travel respectively.EcoClipper, a sail cargo company...

Marine news- Sailing into a Sustainable Future

Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 12th May 2020. EcoClipper, a sail cargo company based in the Netherlands, has released a market overview of sail cargo and sail travel. The report argues these sustainable alternatives have gained momentum over the last ten years,...

EcoClipper news up-date

..Current investments should be sufficient to further develop the EcoClipper500 prototype, until the stage that shipyards can be approached for detailed building quotations…

An EcoClipper (new) Year

The first full year of operating the EcoClipper company comes to an end. An amazing year of inspiring meetings, unexpected realizations..

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