A working vessel built in 1912

De Tukker was built in 1912 and served as a coastal trader for many years. In the 1980s, she was converted into a Dutch sail training vessel and became well-known for her work with disadvantaged youth until 2012. In 2022, she joined the EcoClipper fleet and began sailing cargo and travellers across the North Sea, English Channel, Bay of Biscay, and Baltic Sea.

The ship can carry up to 70 cubic meters, or the equivalent of 50-70 tonnes, of cargo. Additionally, it has basic accommodation for up to 12 travellers and 5 crew.


Type Schoonerbarge
Length overal 40 m.
Width 5.5 m.
Draft 2 / 2.6 m.
Cargo capacity 70 tonnes
On board 12 travellers, 5 crew
Total Sail Area 310 m²
Engine (for harbour manoeuvres) GM Detroit / 8V71N


More ships details

Schoonerbarge De Tukker, is a small sailing general cargo vessel of:

-Loadline length: 26,31 m
-Sparred length: 38 meters
-Air draft light, approx: 24,5 m
-Beam: 5,5 m (5,9 including leeboards)
-Depth of hold: 2,26 m
-Light draft: 1,8 m
-Loaded draft: 2,4 m
-79 gross tonnage
-23 nett tonnage
-80 tons deadweight
-One main cargo hold, forward hold passenger accommodation.
-Main hatch size: 345 cm x 410 cm.
-Bale space approx.: 70 m2
-Pallets on loading floor: 28 (Euro pallets)
-Pallets stacked: If the pallets have the standard height of 144 cm, approximately another 22 pallets can be taken apart and stowed in the remaining space.
-Total pallet loading capacity: 50 (Euro pallets).
-Gear: 2 derricks max. 999 kg safe working load. Practical working load max. 400 kg.
-Passengers: 12 in foc’sle area.
-Crew: 5, (Master, Mate, Cook, 2 A/B’s).
-Year built: 1912 Martenshoek, steel,
-Bilge and bottom hull, piping and safety gear renewed 2022.
-Propulsion: ketch rigged with a sail area of 310 m2
-Auxiliary propulsion: 177 KW, GM Detroit / 8V71N
-Fuel: 2 x 1500 liter, 1 x 600 liter.
-Radio Equipment: A2
-Insurance: EOC brokers, Hull and Machinery, P&I
-Trading area: Western Europe Short Sea (Baltic, North Sea, English Channel, Bay of Biscay, Irish Sea and the North Atlantic max. 200 Nm offshore with a Southern limit of Porto, Portugal).
-Class: LIMDAL
-Flagstate: Vanuatu
-Home port: Port Vila
-Owners: De Tukker Shipping Company B.V.
-General agents: EcoClipper B.

Below Decks

You’ll find twelve bunk beds in the cosy Focs’l (forward part of the ship). While sailing, this is the place where travellers have their accommodation. The Focs’l is accessed by going through a hatch and down a ladder.

The galley is situated on deck in front of the mizzen mast. It’s a cozy place to warm up with a hot drink, help with cooking, and enjoy conversation. 


Video: Sailing cargo vessel at anchor, Dunbar UK.

De Tukker: A 1912 coastal trader turned sail training vessel. Now part of the EcoClipper fleet, she sails cargo and travellers across seas.
De Tukker: A 1912 coastal trader turned sail training vessel. Now part of the EcoClipper fleet, she sails cargo and travellers across seas.

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Latest position of “De Tukker”

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