Press Release: Sustainable Shipping Company Launches 2022 Sailing Schedule
Date:6th May 2022
Tukker ship

This year’s sailing schedule of shipping company EcoClipper’s first sailing vessel De Tukker can now be viewed.

Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 05/05/2022. Dutch shipping company EcoClipper has announced this year’s sailing schedule of the newly purchased ship: De Tukker. De Tukker is the first in a fleet of low-impact sailing ships which will transport cargo and passengers using the wind as a main source of propulsion. The schedule focuses on the North Sea, the Channel and Bay of Biscay.

The route includes some of the major international shipping ports such as Amsterdam, London, Porto and Antwerp. De Tukker, which measures 40 meters with a shallow draft of 2.4 meters, will also be able to operate in local ports such as La Rochelle, France, and Penzance, UK, which will increase its public profile and target local SMEs wanting to reduce their shipping footprint. There will be space for 12 paying guests, who are invited to get involved in the sailing of the ship but are also welcome to enjoy the unique experience.

De Tukker has 60 cubic meters of cargo space and will be able to carry a maximum of 70 tonnes of cargo. The ship is currently undergoing refit work at Talsma Shipyard in the Netherlands. The draft has been increased by an extended keel thus providing more stable sailing. Research is also being carried out into installing a propeller generator and solar panels on the galley deckhouse which would cover the onboard lighting system and navigation, thereby further reducing fossil-fuel use.

EcoClipper has been talking to future partners such as broker New Dawn Traders, sailing holiday agent Classic Sailing and sustainable ferry service FairFerry. Internationally renowned sail cargo company Fairtransport and UK based brokers Shipped by Sail and Raybel Charters have also been approached.

Jorne Langelaan, CEO and founder of EcoClipper, said “The 2022 sailing schedule provides a good mix of both larger ports and small harbours. This will increase visibility of the sail cargo and sail travel industries. It’s fantastic to be able to work in tandem with other sail cargo companies too, we all have a lot to offer and we are all moving towards the same target: to ultimately reduce shipping emissions and provide the tried and tested method of sailing as a viable transport option.”

The EcoClipper shipping company was founded in 2018 by Captain Jorne Langelaan, co-founder of Fairtransport. EcoClipper is developing a fleet of sailing ships offering emission-free transport and travel worldwide. EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A. was launched in 2021, to offer a more inclusive and democratic structure to investors, team members and clients. The cooperative acts as a holding company, owning the operations company and the future ships. For more information see the Information Memorandum, downloadable here.

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De Tukker: A 1912 coastal trader turned sail training vessel. Now part of the EcoClipper fleet, she sails cargo and travellers across seas.
De Tukker: A 1912 coastal trader turned sail training vessel. Now part of the EcoClipper fleet, she sails cargo and travellers across seas.

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