Press Release: Sailing into a Sustainable Future
Date:19th May 2020

You may be interested in EcoClipper’s latest news and press release (copied below).

This week the first 2020 market overview of sustainable shipping and travel by sailing ship is being published, after an in-depth research period of several months.

One of the key findings of the report is that as awareness of climate change increase globally, so does the market for sail cargo and travel.

This report holds relevance in rebuilding a sustainable future for shipping and travel, during and after the COVID-19 lockdown period.

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Press Release: Sailing into a Sustainable Future – New Report Shows Rising Awareness of the Climate Crisis Increases Demand for Emission-Free Alternatives in Shipping and Travel.

Emission-free shipping company EcoClipper have published a report which gives an overview of the growing markets in environmentally sustainable shipping and travel by sailing ship, referred to as sail cargo and sail travel respectively.

Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 11th May 2020. EcoClipper, a sail cargo company based in the Netherlands, has released a market overview of sail cargo and sail travel. The report argues these sustainable alternatives have gained momentum over the last ten years, predominantly due to a rising awareness of the climate crisis by consumers and businesses. The report analyses existing industry data and uses interviews with key players in the sail industries such as brokers, ship-owners and companies looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

The report is published at a time when the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have inadvertently reduced air pollution and seen people lower their consumption habits, both of which are important aspects to sail cargo and travel and are mentioned in the report.

The report describes sail cargo as the “transportation of ethical cargo around the world” and emphasises how sail cargo encourages community-based supply chains. Sail travel is a term used to define “commercial passenger transport by sailing vessel”. Importantly, the report underlines that these industries do not seek to compete with conventional industries but rather offer low/no emission alternatives as part of a sustainable future.

“We are really excited to share this market overview. EcoClipper is part of a large sail cargo community and this document is a useful tool to show how far sail cargo has come, the growing interest in it and where we can go. We are at a tipping point globally with how we approach our recovery from the shocking effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and for a more sustainable future we believe sailing ships offer a clean alternative to conventional industries.” –  Jorne Langelaan, founder of EcoClipper.

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EcoClipper was founded in 2018 by Jorne Langelaan, a sail cargo expert and co-founder of shipping company Fairtransport. EcoClipper is developing a fleet of engineless sailing ships offering emission-free transport and travel worldwide. EcoClipper ships will sail on three shipping lines with fixed schedules, thereby creating a new shipping logistics system for sail cargo vessels.

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