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Press Release: Dutch start-up in wind-ship logistics raises €200,000
Date:7th June 2022

The Dutch start-up sail cargo company, EcoClipper, has recently raised the sum of €200,000 in its latest round of investment towards its aim of sustainable cargo and passenger travel by sea.

Alkmaar, The Netherlands. (June 9th 2022). With an offer to investors that allows them to become part owners of a proposed fleet of sail cargo and passenger ships, the start-up sail cargo company EcoClipper has surpassed €200,000 in individual investment. This investment is in both the Ketch De Tukker, which is currently undergoing a refit, and in the further development of EcoClipper’s planned new build Clipper series, the EcoClipper500. 

The shipping industry currently produces pollution on a scale that equates to a large industrial nation and investors who are becoming more familiar with the costs of the climate crisis are seeing the potential in alternative projects that alleviate this damage.

While the large financial institutions have not yet found themselves ready to invest in sail cargo, the individual investors who are based in the EU, Switzerland and the UK have shown the widespread public interest in sustainable travel and trade using wind power, despite other worldwide concerns of disease, war and the impact these have had on the cost of living.

As the sail cargo industry continues to grow, EcoClipper, alongside their partners, colleagues and investors, are confident that worldwide financial institutions will see the value, as well as the merit, in funding alternative solutions to the climate crisis, just as they did, for example, when wind farms were proven as a viable and sustainable solution to reduce the burning of fossil fuels.

EcoClipper founder and CEO, Jorne Langelaan, said that “investors in EcoClipper believe in the importance of an enterprise which is providing solutions to the pollution caused by the shipping industry. They are also drawn to the beauty, the emotion and a great story that will live on in the return of sail.”

EcoClipper’s financing campaign continues, and investors are able to invest in the EcoClipper Coöperatie U.A. This enables investors to become part owners of a future fleet of sailing ships. See more here: . The company is aiming to raise another €715,000 to finalize the refit of its first ship: De Tukker, and pay for the next steps, in developing a global emission-free logistics system.

EcoClipper B.V was founded in 2018 by Jorne Langelaan, a sail cargo expert and co-founder of shipping company Fairtransport. EcoClipper is developing a fleet of sailing ships offering emission-free transport and travel worldwide. EcoClipper ships will sail on shipping lines with fixed schedules, thereby creating a new shipping logistics system for sail cargo vessels.

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