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Wheels Within Wheels

Some thoughts on the future of sail powered freight, inspired by the past. By Derek Ellard – Go Sail Cargo

The Clipper Bow

The history behind the unique design of the clipper bow.

The Rise and Decline (and New Rise) of Clippers

The Rise and Decline (and New Rise) of Clippers. – Clippers were used to transport cargo that was especially valuable and perishable, such as tea and silk, or for other reasons required fast transportation, such as human passengers during the gold rush.

A Port of call for the EcoClipper

The wind-powered ship remains in essence what it has always been, a ship dependent on a favorable breeze and an experienced crew. Prevailing wind patterns are used to dictate sailing directions and routing, allowing access to certain ports and safe harbors as well as lee-shores to avoid..

The return of sail

This story starts thousands of years ago, when the first people settled along rivers witg their rafts to make use of the wind for propulsion.

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