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3 reasons to sail without engine

There are several large advantages of; not installing an engine in a sailing vessel, which is the reason for EcoClipper to follow this course.

Introducing Free Energy

An infinite source of energy which is: readily available everywhere, still there after being consumed, safe and without negative side effects with its use.

Joining the sailing cargo industry

Building momentum for EcoClipper and the different kinds of partnership the sailing cargo industry has to offer. Read more in this post by capt. Langelaan

The triple-edged sword of sail cargo.

It’s the diversity of markets the sailing cargo business is thriving on. There are three markets where our EcoClipperships will be thrinving on.

5 reasons to invest.

Why to in invest in EcoClipper. IT’s about the profit, concept, market, routing, and business model.

Financing the future of shipping..

From the beginning of EcoClipper we realized that the financing of these EcoClipper ships ought to be organized for a large part, through the commitment of private investors.

EcoClipper; Why Now?

There are manu reasons to start a sailing cargo company. Captain Jorne Langelaan tells you about why he decided to start EcoClipper.

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The unbelievable speed of sailing cargo ships.

The unbelievable speed of sailing cargo ships.

Last Monday I was on deck working on the sailing cargo ship, De Tukker, when I got talking to an interested passer-by. He had followed the outfitting of the ship week by week during his walks. He had seen: the finishing of the galley, the making of portholes in it....

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